What is working for you?

Calorie & Fat Counting

In order to lose weight or maintain, every health app, website, etc. determines the amount of calories & fat you should have according to your current weight & what your goals are.  I’ve done the  calorie counting & logging.  It has worked some, but there also was a downside – I got totally burned out on that method.  It becomes a chore, exhausting & stressful, at least for me personally.  Are my calculations right for what I ate?  Do I have enough calories left for a snack this evening?  And let’s not forget eating out.  That can be a BIG challenge, even if the restaurant has a calorie & fat listing.

What about those fats & carbs?  Good fats, bad fats, good carbs, bad carbs.  I love peanuts, cashews, almonds, etc. They are considered a “good fat” source.  However….have you looked at their calorie counts?  Through the roof!  A healthier snack, yes…but for calorie counting, not so much.  Many people (like myself) don’t have the time to search for or have stores close by that sell flaxseed, pine nuts, etc.

Clean, Healthy & Natural Eating

My last go around with trying to lose weight, I threw in the towel with the counting & logging.  It was not working for me, both mentally & physically.  Everyone is different though.  I don’t have a lot to lose & that method wasn’t giving me the results I wanted.  My choice is now the healthy, natural route.  Trying to stay away from processed foods, etc.  When making food choices, I try & ask myself:  Which is a healthier choice – a handful of cashews or a 100 cal pack of cheeze-its?  Real butter or margarine?  I don’t worry about the calorie or fat count anymore.  Yes, high fat can raise cholesterol levels, clog arteries & so on. Anything in excess is bad, I don’t care what it is.  That becomes a matter of moderation.

I still have my bad habits & at times I can’t resist my Oreos & milk (amongst other things).  I have to give myself a thumbs up though.  Since going this route, this has been the first time in my life that I can actually say I’ve begun to make a lifestyle change. It has stuck with me, even when I’m not in diet/exercise mode.  Far from perfect, but who is?

What Has Worked for You?

Please share your experiences & methods of success.  Finding what works for you in order to reach your goals is an amazing feeling.  Even if you fall off the wagon, you know what you need to do to get back on.

You CAN reach your goals….the only one standing in your way is YOU

Turn Your Bad Day Upside Down

Lets face it….we all have bad days.  When it starts off bad, it can set the tone for the entire day.  Here are some good tips for turning it around.  Don’t let any day go to waste.

You CAN reach your goals.  The only one standing in your way is YOU!


Don’t Beat Yourself Up

So you’re doing awesome on your diet, great job.  But then, you walk by the vending machine & that Suzie-Q is calling your name (a personal struggle of mine).  You’re out to lunch with friends & you’re salivating at their cheeseburgers & fries.  Sound familiar?

Everybody has those weak moments & “cheat days”.  I used to find myself eating so much of the healthy stuff to try & get past a weak moment. I would be so full, yet still not satisfied.  When I finally got over the guilt & allowed myself a “cheat day” or meal, I found it actually helped me keep going on my diet.  I was consuming a lot more volume & calories than if I had the cookie.  The important thing to remember is, you are not alone.  Don’t beat yourself up & let it ruin the remainder of your day.  Move past it & continue on your road to success.

Obviously, to reach your goals, you have to keep reality in check & not allow yourself too many passes.  When you do have those weak moments, what if you had a product to help absorb some of the bad stuff?  A product that took some ease off the guilt?  I have found one!

These Fat Fighters have helped me alot.  Simply take a Fat Fighter up to an hour after eating, and it will absorb some of the fat and carbohydrates from your food so that your body doesn’t. Powered by NeOpuntia™ (a naturally based ingredient made from the “prickly pear” cactus).  NeOpuntia™ is one of DR. Oz’s top ten natural ingredients for fat loss!  These are for those weak moments.  Not after you’ve had a salad or other healthy meal.  So have your cake & eat it too!

You CAN reach your goals.  The only one standing in your way is YOU!

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You CAN reach your goals.  The only one standing in your way is YOU!

Curse you Mountain Dew!

I find myself saying this far too often.  Yes, Mt. Dew would be one of my guilty pleasures that I just cannot seem to kick…fully that is.  I can cut back.  Go without any for a couple of days.  Sometimes if I’ve drunk a lot of it, I don’t want it for a couple of days.  After 3 days or so, I can’t help myself.  I must have some!!  Then I’m back on the same daily dose.

For those that are unaware, Mt. Dew is one of the worst sodas out there.  Ranking in the top 10 on Livestrong.com.  This is where my guilt comes in, because I know how bad it is for you.  I don’t drink it for the caffeine, as many others do.  If that were the case I would substitute.  I love the taste!

I know why I can’t kick this bad habit.  It’s because I haven’t experienced any “bad” or “detrimental” side effect/illness from it….yet.  If I do (like drinking it too late at night), I stop.  And one of the biggest reason as to why I can’t kick it……it has little effect on my weight.  I know the weight thing won’t last forever & I may suffer other consequences in the future because of it.  Then that little devil on my shoulder whispers, “is it really that bad?”  “one isn’t gonna hurt ya”.

I feel I’ve succeeded in becoming a healthier person in several other areas of my life.  This one is hard to knock down.  I find it funny that this article came out today.  I don’t see the mayor’s efforts helping me any though.  This is MY problem.  I’m fully aware of what I’m doing & only I can make a change. Smaller portion sizes isn’t going to keep me from drinking it.  My own determination will keep me away.

You CAN reach your goals.  The only one standing in your way is YOU!

A Word I Used to Despise – Swimsuit

Last week, in anticipation for Memorial Weekend, I was pumped.  Long weekend, camping, family, friends, swimming…..wait. What was that last one?  My happy mood kinda turned into a “ugh” mood when it dawned on me.

For a little bit, I let it get to me.  I haven’t been strict on the diet & exercise, I’ve gained back the inches that I had lost this time last year & I have only 2 weeks until I leave for vacation (to the beach).  Wonderful….not a lot of time to work with.

I debated on wearing a different swimsuit or wearing a shirt over it this past weekend. Then I decided, no….I’m gonna stick to my old one & let it serve as a motivator.  So I did.  Wore it all weekend, muffin top & all.   After a while, it wasn’t even a concern.  It was nice to focus on the moment & have a good time, instead of how I looked.

From now until vacation, I’m taking full advantage of my product line.  Appetite suppressors, fat fighters & wraps.  When I return, it’s time to “man up” with the exercise so I can keep it going.  My same swimsuit will be worn throughout.


P.S.  Everyone notices their problem areas when it comes to the swimsuit.  Not just fat.  Stretch marks, sagging skin, veins, etc.  Use an all natural product.  Check out my page – The Ultimate Body Applicator, go to my website or feel free to contact me.  It Works!

You CAN achieve your goals.  The only one standing in your way is YOU!